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The shape of the plot and the typology of the building form a certain problem - the athletic sports hall encodes the need for large scale and large volume, and the context - on the contrary - a sensitive volume solution in a narrow plot.


We deconstruct the building program and break it down into the smallest possible elements in accordance with the functional requirements. We put the volumes on the plot taking into account the nearest urban context, thus forming three urban components - the scale of the manor, the large volume of the athletic sports hall and the proportion of the building reacting to the predominant urban character of the Žirmūnai district.


The large volume of the athletic sports hall does not fit into the environment on its scale, so its decomposition becomes an architectural task.


The plot forms an interesting given phenomenon - it is the junction of urbanized and natural environment. To make this meaningful, we design rifts - this is how the connection between these spaces is coded.




The essential architectural solution is the interaction of volumes with the solution. The idea is generated by the prevailing directions, heights and relief.


First of all, the largest volume of the athletic sports hall is decomposed. Its elements repeat the current directions - the adjacent building, the street. The building on the southern side is a dedication to the neighborhood of Tuskulėnai manor. The volume is formed according to the lines of the manor complex.


The heights of the building are reasoned by the altitudes of the nearest building - the building near the street repeats the height of the apartment building in the north, and the remaining volumes respect the height of the manor buildings. Smaller elements surround the large volume of the athletic sports hall and thus solve the scaling problem.


The composition of the building volumes and its location form the public space in the lower terrace as well, in the east side of the plot.




The plot is interesting as it has a expressed relief. The building is designed in such a way that this given relief would be used for the benefit of the building - the volumes are designed in the upper terrace, therefore in the lower terrace, avoiding a lot of earthworks, a plinth is formed and a public space is developed.


The main entrances to the building are planned from the west side, they correspond to the existing altitude of 101.00, which is assigned to the zero of the building. Since the current stadium is slightly below street level, the projected volume of the athletic sports hall is composed to its altitude, thus reducing the building by 1.5 m. looking from Žirmūnai street.


The plot is located along one of the most active bicycle routes in Vilnius, which greatly enriches the building's infrastructure. The project adjusts the existing route, thus incorporating the bike path into the building’s public space and solving the problem of current narrowing.


The building will be surrounded by three types of public spaces - representative, at the entrances to the building in the west side of the building; natural, with a ramp in the north of the plot; and an open area - a trail to the east of the plot, along the river.


Two parking lots are being designed - one more dedicated to spectators and staff, and the other more focused on athletes. A total of 66 parking spaces have been designed on the plot, including parking spaces for people with disabilities, an electric car charging station and temporary stops [for couriers, transporters, taxis]. There are also three places for buses: for teams of athletes or groups of spectators.


We hope that people will choose bicycles or electric scooters to come to the athletic sports hall, so parking spaces have been designed for them at the entrances to the building.




The building is designed to handle different flows: athletes, spectators and staff. A separate entrance to the building is designed for the athletes, where they enter the locker room for the outerwear, and continue to move forward to the lower floor, where changing rooms and other auxiliary facilities are designed: a medical room, a doping room, massage room, etc. A warm-up training area has also been designed here, and smooth access to the athletic sports hall is ensured through vertical connections in the center of the building. A lift is provided, which ensures a convenient and smooth supply of inventory to the athletic sports hall.


Spectators enter the building through the south side of the building on the side of the mansion. There is a cloakroom, sanitary units, a small café and a shopping area. Spectator stands are designed at the same entrance altitude.


The premises for the building's staff are designed on the second floor of the southern volume, and an autonomous TV, commentator and director area is on the second floor above the athletes' entrance.


The basement of the building provides the necessary technological and electrical input premises.




The materiality of the athletic sports hall is laconic, only a few materials are provided, they are selected by reasoning each of them. The building is surrounded by apartment buildings designed of blocks of prefabricated panels. We offer a new approach - to use this technology for the lower volumes of the building by finishing the outer layer with a relief structure. The largest volume of the building is a facade system of brushed stainless steel panels. The light gloss of the material creates reflexes and softens the silhouette of the volume. The glazed part of the facades is provided with a hidden frame system, which structural rhythm is coordinated with the relief facade.

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