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Competition. 1st prize.

The designed object - Stasys Eidrigevicius Arts Centre in Panevezys, in the northern part of the city centre.
Stasys Eidrigeviccius Arts Centre will undoubtedly become an exclusive object in the context of Lithuania and the whole region due to its function, location and architecture. We are designing such a building for its architecture to be recognised not only locally, but also more widely evaluated not only for its aesthetic but also for its functional, value-adding solutions in the social and economic sense.

Although the existing movie theatre building has eventually grown up with the image of that place, it is not proposed to save it. A study of the existing condition of the building construction clearly shows that such an investment would be inadequate to save the building. Although the project of the existing building is repetitive, we do not question the quality of the architecture itself, it is a characteristic, aesthetic form.

It is decided not to preserve the volume of the existing cinema "Sound", but to seek for inspiration and to use the existing proportions in it for the newly designed volume.

The orientation of the building is thought very carefully, such a layout on the plot naturally organises a large public space on the south side of the plot. In this space a volume is planned to have the present function - a non-commercial cinema hall, which is what the city's inhabitants would very much like to have, they consider it a local value, and this function only complements the newly designed cultural object.

The designed new public space acts as a bridge between the streets of Krantas and Respublika, at the same time creating a high-quality link between the western attraction centres and oxbow lake. The project's public space consists of two zones - active leisure in the North and the creative-urban in the South. It is planned to include an outdoor exposition, cafe, a zone for a different kind of events: outdoor cinema, concerts, performances, street art.

To create the structure of the building, we sought inspiration not only in the context but also in the artworks of Stasys Eidrigevičius. Therefore, the spatial result code is a three-word key expressed by the artist: simplicity, logic, and fantasy. We express fantasy through the surprises that are foreseen both in the outside of the building and in space, and through this we encode the "touch of Stasys Eidrigevičius" in the building.

We saw two very characteristic motives in the works of Eidrigevicius. That are the continuity [of lines or shapes] and the interaction of the objects with each other, their connection, transformation. On that basis the designed solutions are substantiated - on connections and surfaces. The artist uses metaphor as an instrument of artistic expression, and therefore moderately encoded metaphors are also used in the spaces of the designed building.

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