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Lithuania National Stand at Leipzig Book Fair


Lithuanian Culture Institute



VECTOR [in mathematics, is used here to represent a certain process, perspective or action. Graphically vectors are depicted of straight line segments with arrows]. The Lithuanian stand invites visitors to participate and to travel together. The keynote and the slogan representing Lithuania in Leipzig Book Fair is "The Story Continues ...". Accordingly, the interpretation of vector agrees with the general idea of the representation of the country.



The structure of stands is designed as the basic idea of direction, dynamic motive (vector) to be clearly understood. Space, movement direction of the visitor is organized in a way that not to be equal to or perpendicular to the environment. Thus creates an unexpected visual and sensual perspective.

The stands are illuminated in such a way that the result the gradient of light. The gradient starts from from the completely white at the top of the stands to the light gray tone, which coincides with the floor [gradient [Lat. gradiens (origin. gradientis) – walking, striding], mathematically - vector, here symbolizes the process, perspective and action.]

This not only responds to the concept of the introduction (perspective, the metaphor of elan), together it should remind the image when in between the pages of the opened book a mysterious depth and the growing shade occurs.
It is important to note that the stands, which gradually and consistently brighten in one direction, are comprised of small elements: namely, the book clusters. Each clusters is meant to be seen as a minor narrative, whether taken separately or in combination with the others. Together, the clusters offer one a retrospective look at the past century. 

The minimalist aesthetics of the stands and the contained, bright lighting highlight the fact that the most important role is played by the viewer as he or she travels, and, most crucially, acts. The clusters can be closed to form a guide that takes the visitor on a journey through time, familiarizing him or her with different subjects, genres, and authors. The moment a visitor notices something of interest and stops to open the shelf and select a book, to read the annotation, the title, the author’s name, a natural connection is born between the reader and the book and an intrigue begins to unfold. Rather than being straightforward, this connection is based on shared experience. The closable clusters give the stands an interactive and dynamic quality and serve to lure in visitors. While the shelves are closed, the words "Fortsetzung folgt ..." [ "The story continues…"] can be seen on the outer wall of the stand. 

The graphics used in the stand correspond to the style of the brand associated with the Lithuanian stand. However, instead of using the colors of the Lithuanian flag, the authors chose a monochrome layout, since the national aspect was to be reflected in the content, rather than in the shape or color, and left for the viewer to discover.  


The literary stand occupies 140 sq.m. and is subdivided into several functional areas for expositions, visitors, meetings and staff [storage]. The areas for visitors and meetings are multi-purpose, moveable, arranged so as to permit a wide range of activities [the visitor area can be easily modified to host various events, while the meeting area may be used for conferences and lectures]. The area for meetings is to be situated in the mezzanine, where it will be removed from the main flow of people. A room of 25 sq.m. for staff and storage has been designed underneath the mezzanine.

A very important element of the stand is the amphitheater, it is designed not only as the reading, but also as the listening area. Over the here equipped headphones the visitor can hear German audio-recorded Lithuanian literature.

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