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Lithuanian National Radio and Television

The Lithuanian public broadcaster

PUBLIC - this has probably become an essential keyword in the preparation of this project.

Both when examining the meaning of LRT's activity, the principles of other European public broadcasters' activities, and the history and context of the territory, this word unites and dictates a certain direction.

The principles of LRT activity are also reflected in the word public: "LRT bases its activities on respect for the person and the state, legality, impartiality, accountability, transparency, efficiency, democracy, objectivity, political neutrality, independence and other principles of the rule of law. LRT ensures freedom of speech and creativity."


The general idea of the project is to respond to the stated concept of publicness. This territory and building are for the public. This thesis should be understood and implemented both in a direct and indirect sense. Directly, that the public is free to visit here, and indirectly, that the content created here is intended for the public.


The urban idea of the project consists of three components.

First of all, the ratio of the volume to the existing buildings. On S. Konarskis street, elevation of single  volumes have formed - J. Basanavičiaus pro-gymnasium, J. Vienožinskis art school, Lithuanian Radio building. And it is in this section between the art school and the Lithuanian Radio building that there is an unformed street elevation. Here, a separate volume of the new building is designed as a landmark representing the identity of the LRT.

Secondly - spaces formed by volumes. The volume next to the Sausio 13th memorial encloses the space and controls its scale, limits it to a humane size, and forms the entrances to the building. Another important space is being formed in the western part of the project - a small park is planned here. With the project, we aim to create as many green areas as possible - next to the rather intensive building program, we are developing the natural environment, which has been destroyed due to the rather chaotic development of this area.

Finally -  the height of the volumes. The height of the new building is based on the silhouette lines of the Lithuanian Radio building - the volume near S. Konarskis street is equal to the height of the ridge of the radio building, and the further volume is in line with the eaves.


The architectural idea of the building arises from the urban concept, the function of the building and the values of LRT.

Architecture reflects the function of the building - the structure of the most important spaces is perceived in the exterior and interior. The clearly expressed volumes of television and newsroom studios are visible both from S. Konarskis and Geležinis Vilkas streets, as well as through the glazed parts of the first floor. Smaller volumes create a more sensitive silhouette of the building.

The architecture of the building is two-dimensional - the volume at S. Konarskis Street is a citymark, the volume in the background of the public space is moderate. This architectural structure divides the building and harmonizes its scale.

The architectural aesthetics of the new building is directly related to the values of LRT:

Openness is expressed through the transparent facades of the first floor and the integration of public spaces into the building. This  is also an aspect of publicness.

Innovativeness is represented by the modern architectural expression and the clear contrast of the times in the elevation of S. Konarskis street.

Independence and Reliability - a solid, monolithic image of the building.


The central idea of this project's arrangement of the territory is the maximum amount of public/green spaces. The building is designed to be as compact as possible. This solution frees up a large area in the western part of the plot. A park-like space with different activity scenarios is being created here - from quiet rest, walking to active areas [filming could also take place here], playgrounds. There is also a place for an artistic object, the subject of which should be inseparable from the history and purpose of the building.

A calmer and more restrained space is designed around the main entrance to the building, next to the Sausio 13th memorial. This space is divided into two parts - the memorial and the square, where the area for gatherings, showing projections, and events is planned.

A very important artery is being designed on the north side of the new building - all the technical action will take place here - the import/export of decorations, technical service. In order to prevent this territory from acquiring a technical image and the quality of the future quarter suffering from this, pauses are designed - separate green spaces with planting.

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