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Lewben Art Foundation exhibition at MO museum


The exhibition focuses on the idea of the portrait as a picture of the person in its surrounding, reporting the social and personal environment of changing and consequences, rather than the simple interaction between mind/body and an image.

The artists on show are from a generation that uses the portrait and the self-portrait not only to reveal a character but to also present certain aspects of contemporary society, narrate a story, present a protest and try to leave a footprint on the fast and furious present time.

The portrait reflects the intense relation between the subject of the portrait and the artist. In the self-portrait, in particular, the artist tries to show his/her intimacy and at the same time to picture and fix one specific moment of life or action. So a portrait is somehow the pursuit of how a person changes. The artwork in the show has a connection to the word “change” and its different meanings or synonyms. By analyzing the word “change” it is possible to reconstruct these interpretations of the word:

- transform, transfigure and metamorphosis (Damir Očko, Tschabalala Self, Paulo Nazareth);

- a footprint of our reaction to the external world (Paulo Nazareth, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Simon Denny) and how different cultures influence human behaviour (Nico Vascellari, Maxwell Alexandre);

- interpretation of the inner self (Patrizio di Massimo, Buhlebezwe Siwani, Eglė Budvytytė, Neil Beloufa).

The portrait in the most contemporary generation’s artwork explores the possibility of representing the action and the sentiment that lies behind every individual, together with the exaltation of his own culture and of the social environment that characterizes the diversity of any human being.

Organisers: Lewben Art Foundation and MO museum

Curator: Francesca Ferrarini

Coordinators: Ugnė Bužinskaitė and Ugnė Paberžytė

Graphic design: Vilius Dringelis

Production: "Abrakadabra dirbtuvės"

Photo: Norbert Tukaj

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