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Competition entry for gymnasium at Pilaitė district in Vilnius



The designed school is located in Pilate district, western part of Vilnius. At the end of  20th century Pilaite village connected to Vilnius city, it began to expand very rapidly.


The volume positioning are based on the structure of urban network. The limits of the building are determined by the extension lines of the church and  residential buildings. Therefor the gymnasium does not distort urbanistically correct quarter structure, leaving empty  open space axis.


The architectural idea of the object is a composition of 9 [3x3] volumes. Rectangular volumes of which one is modified into a cylinder, thus becoming architectural compositions bearing points, involving public space and erasing the limits between the structure and the surrounding environment. The building becomes inviting and open, as the school should be.
The superstructure of the main volumes are not just architectural elements on their own, but also a mean of introducing natural light to the spaces.


Basic concept of site arrangement - blending the building and public spaces. Because of the lack of greenery in surroundings, project involves a green - park zone  in the western part of site. School and community spaces are also developed there. Big part of the plot is left for sports and active lifestyle zones for pupils and community.


Three storey high gymnasium building is divided into zones : public, educational, facilities. The ground floor mostly propose public spaces - events, library, sports halls, canteen and administration. The first and second storeys mostly serve education related functions. The main vertical connection is organized trough amphitheater - stairway.
One of the most important functional features - the ability to transform areas depending on the required education scenario, each two classrooms could be joined, some could be opened up to the halls, thus actualizing unenclosed school concept. The building has functioning exploited roofs. It is potentially for  spending free time, social interactions, giving lessons.


One of the most important nuances of the  structure - wooden constructions. They ensure sustainability, eco - friendliness and  healthy surroundings.
Building material concept closely related to wooden construction preference and aim to introduce natural light to the spaces. Most of the surfaces are wooden: facades, internal walls, ceiling. Other dominant - u-shaped glass channels , which serve as a source for natural light. Since the gymnasium is surrounded by higher buildings, it creates so called ” fifth fasade” proposition - exploitable roofs - green roofs.

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