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Competition entry for city library in South Korea



Prior to making any architectural-urban decisions, it is essential to establish the fundamental criteria on which the design will be based. These value guidances are structured on the trends of the present-day library discussed above and the factors on the basis of which the architecture of the future must be created. We have outlined a program of five major ideas:

1. Building as a public space. The library does not become a building bordering on the public space, but evolves into a part of the public space by incorporating into it.

2. Library –  home to ideas, partnership and events – is a central venue that merges different activities, creates cultural, informational and social diversity, where communities meet and advanced ideas are being generated.

3. Integration of functions - throughout the proposed building, functions are not separated, but integrated one into another.

4. Building as a landscape - architecture that creates an identity and represents the idea of an international city.

5. Sustainable architecture - solutions that secure the criteria of ecological, sustainable and technologically innovative building.




The layout of the building on the site is very much justified by the lines and proportions of the adjacent buildings. The “edges” of the building coincide with Convensia st. and Academy st. street construction lines. The vertical volume and size of the building is identical to the proportion of the adjacent structure, and its height is based on the idea of urban growth - rising from the golf course [zero level] to the top of the apartment buildings.

Despite the fact that the building does not have a “back” side, its main entrance is positioned towards a green buffer, thus expanding the green space of the plot.

Matching the character of the closest building, the proposed library is made up of regular rectangular volumes, deliberately avoiding mannerisms and complex shapes.




The architectural structure of the building consists of three volumes - horizontal, vertical and rectangular. Horizontal volume is assigned to the main functions - general and children data resourses, media. The vertical volume of the building accommodates the main element of the interior - the amphitheater, and the integrated rectangle - the events hall.

Large slope-plaza leads from the side of the green buffer and into the inner courtyard, which is located inside of the horizontal volume. This slope-plaza fulfills one of the core ideas - to incorporate public space into the building.

The vertical volume of the building and the amphitheater in it are facing one of the greatest values of the plot - the breathtaking vistas of the Yellow Sea shore.

Above the horizontal volume, an internal public space is designed – a huge green roof for library visitors. Merging this operational roof and the slope-plaza leading to the entrance, we get the public space which takes up almost the entire area or the plot.

The architectural image of the library is composed by wooden glazed facades, that in turn provide natural, cozy, ecological and open image. For the future governmental building, we propose to continue the architectural language of alike aesthetic.

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