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Competition entry 


11° - The idea behind the name of the project is related to both the architecture of the building and the function inside. This is the curvature of the building's facade in degrees, which mimics the geometry of the river bank. The curve is positioned towards the river in order to create a more plastic space, softening the character of the building. It is the most characteristic element of the building, shaping its identity, which can be indirectly interpreted as the trajectory of an oar stroke.


The main urbanistic idea is to integrate the volume of the building into a dual environment - on one side, the site is surrounded by mostly residential buildings and equally as clean-cut and laconic in form a new athletics arena to be. On the contrary the other side of the project site is surrounded by a natural environment such as the river and greenery.

The building is formed with a clear layout and rectangular forms to match the urban character of Žirmūnai and to make it more conservative in its expression compared to other important surrounding objects - memorial and Tuskulėnai mansion. On the other side of the volume, to the east, the perimeter line of the facade is slightly curved, giving it plasticity and incorporating the building into the natural context with newly formed public space.


The most important architectural idea is to create a compact, non-egocentric volume that would change the quality of the currently abandoned area, as well as completing the unity of the sports complex and creating a connection between the pedestrian flows and river.

Architectural code of the building - to give way for the preservation of green space and the application of green architectural solutions. The main principles to shape architecture:

1. Positioning of the building on the project site. The building is designed in the area of existing buildings, thus preserving as many trees as possible. The most valuable zone according to arborists' tree evaluation is preserved, no structures are planned in this area.

2. Compact volume of the building. A condensed, undivided volume is designed, occupying as little space as possible, green areas and trees are preserved.

3. The integration of the building into the surrounding environment. The volume of the building is coherently connected to the existing paths, becoming a gateway drawing to the river.

4. Respect for the memorial space. The green space from the memorial leading towards the river is left open, with no infrastructure or visual pollution.

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